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Through the years i have been a teacher and held teacher trainings in many different concepts. The most important thing for me is to communicate and listen to the people that I train together with. And TOGETHER and LISTEN is the thing for me- we are all different and in need of different moves. Therefor we (me and Malin Berg) have created SOUND- the first AUDIO TRAINING concept, that will challenge you to really listen to your need. Other concepts that I have co founded is BARRE MOVE and INNER STRENGTH

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A Barre concept that combines power and grace. A full body workout that mixes barre, functional training and yoga. Read more


A class that forms after YOU or your participants. 4 different energies that can take more or less space in the class: BREATHE, MOVE, FLOW and

Train with us at Mymowo or our channel at TWIIK 

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Inner Strength Sound, the first audio training that makes you find your pace and movements that works for you. From intense sweat sessions to calming yin yoga and meditation. Tune out distractions and focus on the feeling of movement, breath, and balance. Explore our diverse categories and download free sessions, read more here or try a 19 min "Breathing Flow" yoga here


Just let me know if you want me to inspire your members, instructors or participants at your club or at an event. Classes, workshops or teacher trainings. 

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