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MOVE with me

"If I have to describe myself with one word it would be ENERGY. I love to get energy from meeting people and see them grow, at a class, an instructor training or at my daily job with impact startups"

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Weekly Classes

Join me at my weekly classes at IKSU in Umeå
Monday Yoga 16.45
Monday Dance 17.55

Tuesday Mobility 16.00

Tuesday Barre Move 16.55

Sunday Step Dance 10.00


At Mymowo you can train with me wherever you are:  yoga, Dance, Step, Inner Strength and much more. Sign up and try it for 30 days for free here. 

At Twiik you can join our channel for programs and single classes here.

At Yogobe you can join me for Barre Move.  


Travel and events

Travel to wonderful Portugal with Springtime travel: use the code STL99 for a discount, and join me the first week of November.

Next weekend at Camp Järvsö- HÖSTPEPP- 13-15 October. 

IKSU Inspiration Day in Umea -  21 October  

West Coast Trail with Icebug- 1-3 September

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