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Meet Maria

Fitness expert, Moderator, Investor and Impact Business Coach

My passion lies in truly tuning in – to entrepreneurs, participants in training sessions, and audiences at events or conferences. I'm dedicated to creating a sustainable and impactful approach that genuinely understands what both body and mind need.

Take a look at Inner Strength SOUND – an audio workout concept I co-created with Malin Berg. It's all about finding your own rhythm, matching your level, and checking in with your sensations, all while contributing to a sustainable  practice.

The same philosophy applies when I'm moderating events and conferences. I'm convinced that the magic unfolds when you're completely present, absorbing what others have to share – that's what truly makes things captivating and contributes to a lasting impact.

I'm here to listen to YOU. If you're considering having me at an event, a training session, or as a coach, let me know what kind of vibe you want the people – and yourself – to take away after the event.


Motivation and MOVE

Nike Master trainer and global presenter for more than 15 years.
Swedish reward "Instructor of the year", weekly classes at IKSU Umeå, online training at Twiik, Yogobe and Mymowo.

Coach and train  instructors in dance, yoga, core and communication skills. 

Co-founder of Barre Move and Inner Strength (SOUND)


Travel and train with me to Portugal, Spain or Järvsö (Sweden) together with Springtime Travel. I just LOVE to motivate people to MOVE (that is also my company namn- Motivation and move)

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