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Meet Maria

Fitness expert, Moderator, Investor and Impact Business Coach

I believe that the most important thing is to LISTEN. To your body and mind what it needs, how, what and when. That is why I want to create training that gives us space for that. That gives us time to feel and listen.


Inner Strength SOUND is the best example. When we (founded with Malin Berg) created the first audio training concept; the core is to listen; find your pace and level, and FEEL more.


The same thing is when I moderate a conference or an event; I truly believe that being present; listen to what people have to say, is the key to make it interesting. 

So the first thing is that I want to listen to YOU, if you want to book me for an event, training or coaching. Let me know what feeling you want your customers, clients or yourself leave with after our session.



I love to move. My body and mind. And to see other move beyond what they believe was possible. To help other take that next MOVE. 

Book me for inspiration, coaching or education. Take YOUR NEXT MOVE.

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