I see myself as creative.

I work with creative entrepreneurs and create new classes and concepts.

Still I tend to do things the same way as I always do. I love to start my days the same way on my yoga mat (that are placed the same linear way) With the same moves. Most likely thinking the same thoughts...(as we do everyday, you have probably heard how few thoughts that are actually new)

I just love the book “Think inside the box” by @micaeldahlen, because it challenge you to:

1. Expand the box (maybe stretch yourself outside your four corners of your mat..)

2. Filling the box (with new knowledge, try new things, learn, listen)

3. Shaking the box (new patterns, mixing things up)

My focus today was to start differently, maybe go wild and crazy and change the leg that are on top when your start seated at your yoga mat.

Stretch myself to go expand my four corners of my mat, small moves outside, and I will now fill myself up with new knowledge by taking a digital yoga class and read a book.

What are you doing today to be more creative?

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